Toyota 4S Car Shop

March 31, 2022


Ladies and Gentlemen,


we have introduced some project cases before, which are applied in clothing stores, offices, supermarkets and other places. Today I will introduce a linear light project applied in a outdoor 4S car shop buildings.


The IP68 COB light strip newly developed by LEDCORP can be used directly outdoors. It uses 528 LEDs per meter,15w/m with uniform light emission and no spots. It can be used as an outline for outdoor buildings. It is also designed with low voltage 12V/24V, which is safe, reliable and has a longer life. Lower Maintenance and update costs. Our factory is in production, welcome to inquire.


LEDCORP is a professional led manufacturer with 17 years of continuous successful experience. It integrates design, R&D and production. And can meet your higher-end project requirements. Welcome to consult, we will turn your ideas into reality.


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