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July 14, 2022





Flame retardant

Salt and alkali resistance

UV resistant

The surface emits evenly without dark areas

The light strip can be bent, with good flexibility and wide applicability

IP67 waterproof grade, environmentally friendly silicone material,


Neon light strips are linear lighting products that use LED light strips as the core and apply neon sleeves in the production process. Because of their characteristics of side lighting and front lighting, they are widely used in the outline lighting of buildings. Buildings are more identifiable and achieve a good publicity effect.


In the application of building outline lighting, we have considered a variety of solutions. We have another waterproof linear lighting fixture, which is specially applied to the outline of outdoor buildings, and each linear lamp can be seamlessly connected. This is a newer generation of linear lighting solutions with higher reliability, because users are more concerned about installation and maintenance costs. As an outdoor waterproof linear light installed in between, its advantage is that it is easier to install and maintain, and the waterproof process is also special. The design can be said to be specially designed for the contour lighting of outdoor buildings.


Both schemes can be used as outdoor architectural contour lighting applications. The cost is different and depends on the needs and maintenance. We recommend that you further communicate your actual requirements with us to see which lighting scheme is more suitable for you.


As a LED linear lighting supplier with 17 years of successful experience, we also have many excellent engineers and sales teams. MR.KEN HO is a senior sales manager of our company. He has served in our company for 12 years. We are very familiar with products and industries, and can provide customers with timely and professional suggestions and product solutions. If there are needs and ideas in this area, we can provide you with professional opinions and product solutions, and turn your ideas into reality. , welcome to consult and contact us.