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March 31, 2022

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LEDCORP COB flex with aluminium profile

Perfect combination


• The luminescence is linear, uniform and no spot. There are 336 lights/m, 504 lights/m, 8W/m, 12W/m, 15W/m, and other density and power options. The width of the circuit board is 5-10mm, suitable for different size of the aluminum profile, and the waterproof level can reach IP65 level.
• Can be bent arbitrarily without damage. Compared with the traditional light strip, the folding angle should not be greater than 90 degrees. The COB light strip can be bent arbitrarily, which is more suitable for those places with larger bending angles and is not easy to be damaged.
• CRI 90+, good consistency. CRI can be more than 90, can be competent for places with higher requirements, such as jewelry stores and clothing stores, can vividly restore the true color of items.
• High cost performance, better effect. Compared with traditional light strips, higher density light strips are required to achieve the same effect, so the cost is higher, while COB light strips can achieve more ideal effects at a lower cost, which is the first choice for linear lighting sources.