March 31, 2022

Gym / Linear Lighting / Project Case


Now it's very common that the linear lighting is used as the main lighting for the gym, because its advantage is that there is no need to decorate the ceiling, and it is enough to install linear lights directly. This simple industrialized design can not only save decoration costs, but also because linear light has Unlimited length design can make every corner fully illuminated by the light, which is better than the design of the traditional light source.


It is worth mentioning that we not only provide high -end linear lighting solutions, but also the design of light sources is also very careful. We use high efficacy led strip as light sources. Brightness upto 140lm/w, and the PC diffusion cover with a transmittance of more than 90%, can make the brightness of the lamps higher than 120lm/w. This is what we ingenuity lies.


LEDCORP is a professional led manufacturer focusing on providing linear lighting integration solutions. We have an independent R & D and production department that can turn your visual art ideas into realization. Welcome to consult with our sales team.


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